He who controls FRAGMENTS controls the Convergent universe

What are Fragments (💠)?

Each Fragment embodies a glimpse into the unfathomable depths of the Convergent Universe. Those who ascend to the throne of fragmentary control hold the reigns of convergence. A hierarchy will inevitably emerge, bestowing abundant riches upon those who rise to the top.

How to earn Fragments?

Users can earn Fragments by interacting and using Convergent's core products:

Fragments Archetypes

  1. Fragment(N)

Holders of our genesis NFT collection can stake their 「 A G E N T S 」 to earn 💠(N) over time.

  1. Fragment(D)

💠(D) can be earned via interaction with Convergent dApp v1 through borrowing USV + Nexus Deposits

This will be live when dApp launches.

  1. Fragment(R)

Strategic partners of Convergent and their participants will be eligible to 💠(R) including tentatively:

• ████ stakers

• ██████ holders

• USV / ████ LPs on ███

What can I do with FRAGMENTS?

Rewards will be distributed retroactively based on how many FRAGMENTS each user has earned. Rewards

if have_fragment_N or have_fragment_D or have_fragment_R:


if have_fragment_N and have_fragment_D and have_fragment_R:



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