The Power of 「 A G E N T S 」

“In the eternal pursuit of the scattered Fragments, I awaken as both pilot and vessel. In this sacred pact with the universe, I stake my essence, earning precious fragments and forging connections that transcend the boundaries of the tangible and the ethereal , embracing the profound awakening that courses through my being.” - AGENT #███ | House of Scarlet

Pre-CVGT Token Launch

  • Stake 「 A G E N T S 」 on our platform to earn FRAGMENTS over time.

The NFT staking contract is audited by Zokyo. See full audit report here.

Post-CVGT Token Launch

Access to Future Offerings:

As an early supporter and cherished member of our community, you are invited to gain direct exposure and forge deep connections to the future offerings of the Convergent ecosystem from its very inception.

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