Unus pro omnibus, omnes pro uno

The Convergent Ecosystem

Convergent Protocol

Unleashing the LSD market with decentralized money legos built for decentralized finance.

Convergent is a LSDFi protocol built on Solana that allows users to mint USV, a fully decentralized stablecoin by over-collateralizing SOL at 0% interest. The protocol automatically stakes the corresponding SOL on Jito, allowing users to earn staking rewards and MEV yield in the background while holding a liquid stablecoin that can be used to participate in Solana DeFi. Learn more here

Key Features of Convergent Protocol v1

Convergent is designed to maintain a value of 1 USV = 1 USD with the following features:

  • 0% interest loans - no interest fee is charged for USV borrowers so users don't need to worry about constantly accruing debt

  • Yield generating - USV holders can earn staking rewards (via Jito) and maintain long SOL exposure while engaging in Solana DeFi. The protocol takes 0 haircut fees from the staking yield.

  • Over-collateralization - the value of collateral in the system exceeds the value of issued USV tokens

  • 100% decentralized - inherent censorship resistance with 0 dependency on centralized + endogenous assets for peg stability and system solvency.

  • Customizable LTV - based on user's risk appetite / preferences, USV can be minted at any collateral ratio above 110%.

  • NFT Integration - built-in synergies between dApp and 「 A G E N T S 」 (more details coming soon).

「 A G E N T S 」

Gateway into the Convergent ecosystem

  • Total supply: 1000

  • Launchpad: Magic Eden

  • Utility: Staking to earn FRAGMENTS / Protocol fees

  • Mint Date: April 2nd 2024


He who controls FRAGMENTS controls the Convergent universe

  • Each FRAGMENT embodies a glimpse into the unfathomable depths of the Convergent Universe.

  • Users can earn FRAGMENTS by interacting and using Convergent's core products.

  • Rewards will be distributed retroactively based on how many FRAGMENTS each user has earned.

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