What can you do on Convergent?

  1. USV Borrower: As a borrower, you can use your SOL to borrow USV with a high loan-to-value ratio and 0% interest rate. This allows you to long SOL and earn staking + MEV yield while keeping your USV for further investment.

  2. Nexus Provider: By staking USV in the Nexus, providers can earn a proportional share of liquidated collateral and early adopter rewards. By doing so, you are helping to maintain the system's solvency and ensuring the USV supply remains backed.

  3. CVGT Stakers: On a pro-rata basis, CVGT stakers are eligible to capture a portion of protocol revenue. This is a great way to earn rewards while supporting the growth of the Convergent ecosystem.

  4. USV Redeemer: Any users can redeem USV for collateral at face value to maintain USV price floor at $1 through direct arbitrage when USV is trading below $1. This creates a hard price floor to stabilize the USV value and maintain its peg.

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