「 A G E N T S 」 - The Genesis NFT Collection


In the ethereal tapestry of the Convergent universe, where time and space intertwine, a new wave emerges. Cloaked in mystery, the AGENTS walk forward, their hoods casting a veil of enigma upon their noble countenances. Like celestial pilgrims, they converge, defying the boundaries of our digital existence

Convergent, a universe within itself, pulsates with infinite possibilities. AGENTS are the chosen guides, celestial pilots navigating the constellations of the Solana blockchain. They traverse the interstellar pathways, bridging realms, and illuminating the path to Solana DeFi 2.0.

Yet, their purpose transcends the mere mechanics of navigation. AGENTS can be converged, a sacred pact between pilot and universe, birthing FRAGMENTS – ethereal manifestations of dedication and purpose. These FRAGMENTS are the keys to an enigma, a hidden reservoir of ████, whispered only among the enlightened.

To those who fail to grasp the magnitude of this metamorphosis, we simply say, "gn" – for we know that eventually, they will come around. For those with the courage to plunge into this enigmatic abyss, the rewards are boundless.

Collection Information

  • Collection size: 1000

  • Pre-sale price: 4.5 SOL

  • Mint / public sale price: 5 SOL

  • Launchpad: [REDACTED]

Minting Details of 「 A G E N T S 」

A total of 1,000 Agents will be distributed in four phases: presale, whitelist phase 1, whitelist phase 2, and public mint. Minting will take place on the Magic Eden Launchpad.

  1. Presale: Closed. 500 esteemed Agents found their allegiances.

  2. Whitelist Phase 1: 500 Agents will be available for minting to whitelisted users. These spots are distributed via campaigns to community members and some are allocated to strategic partners and private investors.

  3. Whitelist Phase 2: TBD. Unminted Agents from phase 1 can be minted by users in the whitelisted phase 2 on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  4. Public Mint: Any unminted Agents will be made available to all users in public distributions.

The raised funds will be used to cover design and operational costs, marketing and community building initiatives, further development and contributed as TVL to the Convergent Protocol.

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