10 Great Houses

Power resides where men believe it resides.

「 A G E N T S 」 Legions: Houses of Power

In the Convergent Universe, 10 Great Houses has risen, each with its own distinct powers and influences. These Houses have shaped the very fabric of the realm, as their unique abilities and environments have given birth to vibrant ecosystems. Over time, these ecosystems have adapted to accommodate the presence of these powerful beings, creating a delicate balance between the Houses and the natural world.

Trade routes crisscross the territories, fostering cultural exchange and fueling technological advancements. Conflicts emerge as houses vie for dominance, while political maneuvering plays a central role in shaping the balance of power. In this world of boundless possibilities, Agents navigate a complex web of relationships, their loyalties tested, and their destinies entwined with the fate of their houses and the realm itself. AGENTS hailing from diverse corners have been immersed in distinct realms of culture, training and energy sources, resulting in a vibrant tapestry of colors that adorn their essence. Amidst intricate alliances and rivalries, each house stands as a testament to its unique environment, yet united by a collective purpose of fragmentary control.

House of Maridyn

Adorned in the glistening shades of white and silver, emanates an aura of honor and excellence. Maridyn, a fusion of the Arabic word "marid" meaning rebellious and the Celtic word "dyn" symbolizing strength, represents a resolute and indomitable faction that defiantly opposes oppressive forces.Renowned as the finest soldiers in the Convergent universe, the members of this esteemed house embody loyalty, courage, and unwavering resolve.

Within their halls, martial prowess is honed to perfection, focused on close combat skills that make them formidable adversaries.Through rigorous training and unwavering discipline, they have mastered a wide array of techniques, wielding weapons with precision and engaging in hand-to-hand combat with lethal efficiency.

The realm of House Maridyn blends ethereal beauty with formidable strength. Castle-like structures rise, gleaming white in the sunlight. Delicate carvings tell tales of heroic battles. Training grounds echo with the rhythmic clash of weapons. Transparent elements mingle with solid stone, creating a harmonious balance. It is a realm where discipline and martial excellence intertwine, embodying the unwavering spirit of House Maridyn.

House of Scarlet

Within the halls of House Scarlet, amidst the fervent red, lies a lineage of individuals who possess an extraordinary affinity for pyrokinetic abilities. The members of House Scarlet are not simply warriors; they are wielders of flame, harnessing the destructive power of fire with unparalleled mastery. Some whisper of ancient rituals and secret practices, where the members of House Scarlet commune with the very essence of fire, drawing upon its raw energy - allowing them to amplify their pyrokinetic abilities to awe-inspiring levels. Their mastery over fire extends beyond simple manipulation; they can shape and mold it to their will, creating infernos that dance to their command, summoning tempests of scorching heat, and wielding fire as both a weapon and a shield.

Their territories are not barren landscapes ravaged by fire, but rather vibrant ecosystems that have adapted to the presence of flames. Ecologies were born as unique species evolved alongside fire. Fire-resistant trees with thick bark and fire-activated seed dispersal mechanisms are common, while certain animals have evolved fireproof scales or the ability to burrow safely beneath the scorched earth.

House of Xanthos

Bathed in resplendent shades of yellow, exudes an aura of opulence and prosperity. Renowned for their ingenuity and massive inherited wealth, their prosperity is firmly rooted in the accumulation and careful management of their vast resources over generations.

They leverage their immense wealth to create innovative weaponry, skillfully crafted from resources acquired through the establishment of extensive trade routes throughout the Convergent ecosystem. Their financial prowess and strategic trade networks grant them access to rare and valuable materials, which they ingeniously transform into formidable armaments.

The environment of House Xanthos thrives as a bustling nexus of commerce, boasting advanced systems of banking, finance, and trade. Within their domains, sprawling marketplaces buzz with activity, drawing merchants from across the universe to engage in the exchange of goods and negotiation of deals.

[More Houses will be revealed over time]

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