Converge your SOL.

What is Converging?

Converging means opening a Position to borrow USV with SOL at 0% interest, and during the process, the collateral will be converted to interest-bearing JitoSOL.


Position refers to the place where you withdraw and manage your loan. Each Position is associated with a Solana address, and each address is the sole owner of a Position.

Users can open a Position by depositing SOL or JitoSOL as collateral on Convergent and receive USV. Positions hold two balances: one is an asset (JitoSOL) acting as collateral and the other is a debt denominated in USV. By adding collateral or repaying debt, these balances change, and your Position’s collateral ratio will adjust accordingly.

You can diverge your position at any time by fully paying off your debt.

Why borrow with Convergent

Borrowing with Convergent is interest-free and capital-efficient. Instead of selling your SOL in exchange for liquid funds, Convergent allows you to lock up your SOL (maintain long SOL exposure and earn staking + MEV yield), borrow against the collateral to withdraw USV, and settle your loan later.

Zero-interest Borrowing

Unlike other systems (such as MakerDAO) that implement variable interest rates which need to be managed via governance, Convergent opts for a fully decentralized approach with direct feedback through one-off fees. The protocol offers zero-interest borrowing by charging one-time borrowing fees.

Customizable LTV

Users have the flexibility to select any collateral ratio above 110% when opening a position based on their risk tolerance and investment timeframe. For instance, if a user holds a positive outlook on SOL and anticipates its value to appreciate, they might opt to open a position with a collateral ratio close to the minimum requirement (i.e. 120-150%). During periods of market volatility or downward price movement, users may prefer to open Positions with higher collateral ratios or top up collateral to their existing positions to avoid liquidations.

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